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We love Guildhall Square


According to a popular TV theme tune ‘everybody needs good neighbours’. We couldn’t agree more and we’ve got a great bunch around us here in Guildhall Square in Southampton right now.

The newly-regenerated area of the city is the place to be; awash with plenty of places to eat, drink and be entertained.

In homage to the current home of our Cue Camera pop-up photo studio we’ve listed the top eight reasons we love Guildhall Square.

1. Food


The way to our hearts is definitely through our stomachs and there is no shortage of amazing food here. Disclaimer – this is not a ploy to blag free food from our neighbours. But if you’re offering…

2. Ooh pretty lights


The fairy lights on the trees make it feel like Christmas all year round. Who doesn’t love a 365-day Christmas?

3. Familiar faces


Guildhall Square is fast becoming the ‘new place to be’ in the evenings. You’re always guaranteed to bump into at least one person you know.

4. All that open space


Is it just us or does anyone else automatically turn into a child when they encounter a large open space and want to run around doing cartwheels?

5. Parklife


If the city landscape gets a bit much you literally just have to walk through the new walkway by Tapas Barcelona to be in the centre of the city’s parks. Did you know Southampton’s parks are award-winning?

6. It’s going to get even better


Guildhall Square is home to Southampton’s Cultural Quarter. We think it’s pretty awesome already but there’s even more to come, including an art gallery and theatre.

7. It’s bringing the city together


Gone are the decisions of socialising at the ‘top of town’ or ‘bottom of town’. Guildhall Square is connecting the two and finally bringing the city together

8. Where else can you have a professional photo shoot dressed as an elf at 9pm on a Saturday night?


That’s right, we’re tooting our own horn. We think our pop-up photo studio brings a great new element to Guildhall Square. We hope you’ll have us back soon!

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